Student Success: Building Her Future

Between surrender and hope, this 43-year old young woman chose hope!

122 Million Children are Illiterate.

When a child grows up without the ability to read or write they are lost.
You have the power to make a difference and change thier lives forever. Empower an entire family for just $14 a month.

We help the poorest of the poor in 24 countries.

We offer programs in literacy, from basic education to health, nutrition, disease prevention, and a whole lot more.

We helped 8 million people learn to read & write.

And our vision today is to continue to deliver free literacy and life-changing programs to the neediest populations around the world and at home.

Our Mission

"To eradicate human suffering caused by illiteracy."

Literacy Program

Alfalit teaches students how to read, write and do basic math for approximately $145 per student. An illiterate student can reach a third grade level of education within 9-‐12 months.

Education Program

Alfalit offers basic education, for youth and adults, up to a 6th grade level in Reading and Writing to help streamline them into the private and public education system.

Joseph Milton

“Nearly 8 million people learned how to read and write through Alfalit and our vision today is to build on their success and continue to deliver literacy, basic education and life-changing programs free of charge to the neediest populations around the world.”


Fatu is a mother of 4 and the wife of a Pastor. Prior to being an Alfalit Literacy student, she could only write in Tomb symbols. Now, Fatu can read, write her name AND write the name of the church her husband is heading.



For just $14 dollars a month, you can help eradicate illiteracy and end the cycle of poverty around the world.