We help the poorest in 16 countries

122 million children are illiterate

Student Success: building her future

Most people know that illiteracy causes poverty, but they do not know how to stop this vicious cycle. Alfalit International provides literacy and educational programs to the poorest and neediest populations around the world. Thanks to the support of our donors and volunteers, Alfalit International has helped over 8 million people to learn to read and write, in their own language, through our life-changing programs.


Just $14 dollars a month could help someone
learn to read & write


Alfalit teaches students how to read, write and do basic math for approximately $145 per student. An illiterate student can reach a third grade level of education within 9-12 months.


Alfalit offers basic education, for youth and adults, up to a 6th grade level in Reading and Writing to help streamline them into the private and public education system.


“Nearly 8 million people learned how to read and write through Alfalit and our vision today is to build on their success and continue to deliver literacy, basic education and life-changing programs free of charge to the neediest populations around the world.”

Maks Chmerkovskiy Joins Alfalit

We are pleased to announce that Maks Chmerkovskiy has joined Alfalit International on in the position of Honorary Board Member.