Between surrender and hope, this 43-year old young woman chose hope!

Mother of two young children, she felt the weight of the loss of her husband on January 12, 2010. As the sole breadwinner of the family, he died under the dirt and rubbles of downtown Port-au-Prince, leaving Rosena Peltreau, his wife, to raise their two daughters all by herself.

Rosena, originally from Belladère, after having grieved her husband’s death and lived off of her extended family for two years, decided to take charge of her children’s future by starting her own business. Every weekend, early in the morning, she would head to the Haiti-DR border to buy food products that she would then sell in her neighborhood at Siloé, Delmas 33. This is how she would support and feed her children.

Unfortunately, her memory would not work in her favor. Some malicious clients of hers would play tricks on her. They would buy her products, but would not pay for them. Rosena would be forced to rely on her faulty memory because, since she did not know how to read or write, she could not keep a written record of her sales on credit.

Now and thanks to Alfalit, Rosena still has her business and is recuperating money from her sales within eight days. She has her notebook and writes down every sale on credit she makes. She is enjoying the fruit of her labor by sending her children to school thanks to Alfalit. She started our course in January of 2016 and received her certificate in June of that same year.

Rosena Peltreau now feels like a well-rounded young woman, full of energy and a hunger for learning.

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