Alfalit Haiti continues to struggle with the devastation caused in September 2016 by Hurricane Matthew. Learning centers have been destroyed and in other areas, conditions remain challenging. Despite these ongoing obstacles, program officials succeeded in achieving their annual goals and celebrated with an elaborate graduation.

Throughout 2016, many actions were taken to demonstrate the importance of Alfalit literacy programs and how they can benefit rural communities. Through these efforts, Alfalit Haiti established many new partnerships with regional organizations and local churches in Haiti. This allowed the program to implement additional training and provide classes to 9,059 registered participants.

Alfalit Haiti Alfalit Haiti surpassed its 2016 enrollment goal by 13%, and also succeeded in graduating 85% of participants.  The recent graduates were honored with a ceremony in December. Many community leaders attended the graduation including Pauris Jean Baptiste, President of the Creole language Academy and Gregory Paul, Representative of the Secretary of State for Literacy. Frantz Nathanaël Guillaume, Alfalit Haiti’s national coordinator, congratulated the participants and members of the Haiti office,”for their dedication and their spirit of sacrifice towards this national effort.”


Among the participants to complete the program was business woman and Canaan leader, Gislène Augustin. Gislène shared her inspirational story, “Nobody knew I could not read or write. On the 5th month, I was with a Landlord to look for funding for a project and I was asked to write the names of the beneficiaries on site. Proudly, I took my pen and I wrote the 30 names.”

Each participant received a Creole Bible and a reminder from Magda Victor, Director of Alfalit Haiti, “to continue training to avoid forgetting the notions learned.”

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