Basic Education & Literacy Classes in Portugal

Alfalit International’s Executive Director, Catherine Penrod, and Program Director, Teresa de Almeida, visited 3 program centers in Portugal […]

Meet Our U.S. Program Coordinators

Verushka B. Valencia (left) and Gradice A. Alexandre (right) assist with coordinating, promoting and supervising literacy classes in […]

Reverend Roberto P. Perez: President Emeritus

Reverend Roberto P. Perez, has dedicated most of his life to fighting illiteracy around the world.

Volunteers Needed: Warehouse Inventory

Volunteer: Warehouse Inventory Help Needed

Join our volunteer team and assist with warehouse and inventory organization.

Volunteers Needed: Translator

Volunteer: Translators Needed

Join our volunteer team and assist with translating project materials

Volunteer Needed: Research Assistant

Volunteer: Research Assistant Needed

Join our volunteer team and assist with internet search.

Volunteers Needed: Data Analyst

Volunteer: Data Analyst Needed

Join our team & assist in development & maintenance of relevant databases.

563 Alfalit Students Graduate in Congo

563 Alfalit students celebrated their graduation in Lubumbashi, Congo.

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