After a successful pilot program in Monrovia, Liberia, Alfalit is now offering two job skills classes with approximately 60 students enrolled.

The 6-month course teaches students basic tailoring including cutting, hand stitching and working with a sewing machine. The class is a continuation of Alfalit’s literacy program which enables participants to apply their newfound education towards real life scenarios.  In most cases, the students are able to save money by making their own clothes and generate income by selling clothes.

Alfalit Liberia Job Skills

Dedicated Alfalit Business Administrator, Alexandra Coll, visited Liberia in September to provide staff training for the affiliate team in Monrovia. It was especially heartening for Alexandra to see first-hand how Alfalit’s programs are affecting the lives of thousands of individuals.

Alfalit Liberia Job Skills

In addition to clothes, students are crafting wristlets and tablet covers in colorful fabrics. If you would like more information about Alfalit’s programs in Liberia, or to get involved, please contact Program Director, Teresa DeAlmeida by email to [email protected].

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