Historical Timeline

Alfalit Milestones

• 1943 Dr. Frank Laubach presents Laubach Method in Latin America & Cuba. Eulalia Cook turned to Cuban educators Justo Gonzalez & Dr. Luisa Garcia Gonzalez, to assist with the literacy program.

• 1961 Alfalit is born.

• 1968 Alfalit expands to the Caribbean.

• 1975 Alfalit International, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit organization.

• 1983 UNESCO awards Alfalit Peru the First Prize for World Literacy.

• 2002 USAID partners with Alfalit to provide programs in Angola & Bolivia.

• 2004 U.S government partners with Alfalit to provide programs in Dominican Republic.

• 2006 Alfalit Liberia begins operations. Alfalit Bolivia is chosen as model program by First Lady Laura Bush & UNESCO.

• 2015 Alfalit President Joseph Milton pledges to serve 8,000 students by end of 2016. Alfalit South Sudan commences classes. Jessica Milton launches Alfalit Young Professionals Board.

• 2018 Programs expected to reach 38,000 individuals in the United States and 16 other countries.

Alfalit Team
Board of Directors
  • Joseph Milton
    President, Chairman | President & CEO, J. Milton & Associates
  • Carlos Del Amo
    Vice Chairman
  • Yannick Ngendahayo
  • Luis Mata
  • Adib Eden
    President/CEO, Actualidad Media Group
  • Eugenio  M. Fernandez
    Comptroller, Enrolled to Practice before IRS
  • Fernando Gonzalez
    Managing Director, Glez Food Group, LLC
  • Manuel Gonzalez
    President & CEO, MGM Consulting, LLC
  • Rev. Roberto Perez
    President Emeritus
  • Carol Brock
    Public Relations Consultant
  • Ivan Del Campo
    Co-Founder, Skyline Infosec, LLC
  • Patrick T. Ramge
    SVP, Wells Fargo & Company
  • Barbara Vega
    Cross International
  • Rex Barker
    J Milton & Associates - Honorary Board Member
  • Maksim Chmerkovskiy
    Entertainer -
    Honorary Board Member
  • Dr. Laura Dinehart
    Senior Associate Dean -
    Honorary Board Member
  • Yosi Gil
    J Milton & Associates - Honorary Board Member
  • Roger Huxman
    Financial Advisor - Honorary Board Member
  • Adriana Kostencki
    Partner, Berger Singerman, LLP - Honorary Board member
  • Executive Committee
  • Joseph Milton - Chair
  • Carlos Del Amo - Vice Chair
  • Luis Mata - Secretary
  • Yannick Ngendahayo - Treasurer
  • Adib Eden
  • Eugenio M. Fernandez
  • Manuel Gonzalez
  • Fernando Gonzalez
  • The Alfalit Young Professionals Board was created to assist Alfalit International in its mission to eradicate illiteracy. We strive to help the uneducated attain a basic skill that will open doors to a world otherwise unknown to them. Alfalit YPB works hard in raising both funds and awareness for those who are illiterate. With the efforts of our board members, we are able to create fundraisers that help raise funds to build schools and supply all the materials necessary for an individual to learn how to read and write up to a sixth grade level.


    Catherine Penrod
    Executive Director
    Alexandra Coll
    Business Administrator
    Teresa de Almeida
    Program Director for Africa, Portugal & the Caribbean
    Juan Marcos Bello
    Program Director for Central and South America, Haiti, Spain & United States
    Gabriela Adarve
    Development Coordinator
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