Gislène Augustin shares her story about the challenges she faced before completing Alfalit’s literacy program. Now Gislène is an inspiration for others in the Canaan community.

“I am a great leader in the community of Canaan. I usually have meetings with great personality in the country. I am always well dressed. Nobody knew if I could not read or write. Every time I had to sign a paper or fill out a form, I always had a friend to help me.

One day I heard about an alphabetization program that has just happened in the community. Therefore, I decided to take part.

On the 5th month, I was with a Landlord to look for funding for a project and I was asked to write the names of the beneficiaries on site. Proudly, I took my pen and I wrote the 30 names, things that I could not even hope to be able to do before.

It is for this reason that I thank Alfalit and I ask them to continue this noble work because the country has many other people like me.”

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