Chalkboards for Haiti: Help Equip Classrooms in Haiti

Alfalit International needs your help to teach over 9,000 Haitian students of all ages to read and to write.

Chalkboards for Haiti

“Chalkboards for Haiti” is a new campaign to raise funds to buy chalkboard paint, plywood and other necessary supplies to equip classrooms in Haiti. In Haiti, 70 percent of the population is illiterate in its native Creole language. Education and economics experts agree that literacy has a profound, life-changing impact on individuals, families and communities. Alfalit agrees and uses grassroots training to bring literacy to developing countries.

Despite challenging conditions, Alfalit International’s volunteer staff and instructors continue to dedicate themselves to providing educational and literacy programs to the poorest communities in Haiti. In fact, just two months after Hurricane Matthew hit Haitian soil last year, 9,052 students graduated from Alfalit programs.

News & Updates

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