Changing Individual Lives With Global Impact

Alfalit International is recognized by USAID as an organization committed to providing educational and literacy programs in the hardest-to-reach areas of post-conflict countries. We provide adult literacy, basic education, preschool, conversational English, and jobs skills programs to over 37,000 students each year in 15 countries. Thanks to our supporters, we are able to offer courses, at no cost to students, in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Haitian-Creole.

Instructors are identified from the local community to receive training and assist in student recruitment. Because our classes are held wherever we can access donated space, learning may take place in a church, on a porch, in an old shipping container, under a tree, in a former pig sty and so on.

758 million individuals lack basic reading and writing skills globally.

Most agree that literacy is the gateway to employment, better physical and emotional health, stronger families and communities and less crime. Alfalit is dedicated to bringing literacy to countries with great needs, one learner at a time.


United States

PROBLEM: 42 million adults in the U.S. cannot even make matches between text and information that may require low level paraphrasing and drawing low-level inferences. 52% of adults in the Miami-Dade region lack basic English literacy skills.

Dominican Republic

PROBLEM: About 900,000 individuals remain illiterate in the Dominican Republic despite the great strides the country has made achieving literacy rate of 91.8%. MORE


PROBLEM: In Haiti, 36% of men and 43% of women are illiterate. These statistics falls well below the 90 percent average literacy rate for Latin American and Caribbean countries. The country faces shortages in educational supplies and qualified teachers. MORE


PROBLEM: In the DRC, 50% of women are illiterate. Nationally, 36% of the population is illiterate. The education system in the DRC is currently grossly inadequate and incapable of reaching a critical mass. MORE


PROBLEM: 37% of women in rural Bolivia are illiterate; 14% of the men are illiterate among people aged over 15 years. MORE

Making a Difference in the United States and Beyond

  • United States
  • Angola
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Haiti
    • Democratic Rep. of Congo
    • Peru
    • Portugal
    • South Sudan
    • Spain
    • Mozambique

Our Programs

Literacy and basic education are the foundation for all that we do and these programs are provided in every country we serve. When other needs arise and funding is available, we also provide related training.


Target Population: Adults and Undereducated Youth
Class Time: 432 hours of study
Subjects: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, & Civics

The Program: A more advanced training, Basic Education provides a more in-depth education. Ideally, these individuals will become leaders, change agents and contributors to the socio-economic growth and development of their country. Successful graduates are at an equivalent of a 6th grade education level.


When funding is available, Alfalit offers scholarships to students who enroll in a professional/vocational school, high school and/or university. Last year, 6000 Liberian students were the recipients of this extended program.


Target Population: Adults and Undereducated Youth
Class Time: 216 hours of study
Subjects: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Reading Comprehension, Health & Nutrition

The Program: Students learn to read and write, acquire a 1,471-word vocabulary and are able to complete basic math operations. They develop habits such as observing, reading, investigation and creative exploration all of which leads to individual development. Discussions about employment, independence, citizens right and so on, enable to students to be more productive citizens. Successful graduates are at an equivalent of a 3rd grade education level.

Conversational English

Enables adult learners of second language to use English confidently in their everyday interactions, integrate better with their communities and seek better jobs. Classes focus on speaking practice, improvement in pronunciation and vocabulary expansion. Program is offered at four levels and trained teachers assess the learners’ proficiency before placing them in an appropriate level.


Target Population: Children ages 3 to 5
Class Time: 720 hours of study
Subjects: Cognitive development, language, logical processes & creativity; social development- sharing, independence, extroversion, interest in interacting with others, solidarity, cooperation; self-regulation of behavior, self-control, accepting rules, behavior expectation of the classroom and value system – cultural and community based.

The Program: Offers basic skills and concepts to prepare for success in elementary school. As possible, daily snacks are provided. The goal is to provide this in every country build the future for the smallest learners while enabling their parents and caregivers to continue their education as well.


Target Population: Literate Youth & Adults
Class Time: Varies by Program
Subjects: Job skills and work-readiness training in line with local needs (e.g.,sewing, baking, floristry, sandal making, crafts, micro business management)

The Program: Designed to provide new opportunities, this program focuses on the upward mobility and prosperity for the country’s poorest populations. Successful graduates are employable or able to start their own businesses. This training may be offered by Alfalit staff or in partnership with another local organization.


Alfalit provides training seminars to enable local residents to teach others the Alfalit curricula. These instructors go beyond literacy as they help participants with organizing skills, family communications, self-confidence and understanding personal rights and responsibilities. Seminars are provided by supervisors who are affiliate employees. The recruitment, training, coordination, evaluation and recognition of facilitators/teachers are the primary tasks of the supervisors. Supervisors assist with securing locations for classes, visiting and monitoring classes, coaching and more. To learn more about or become a volunteer instructor, please visit our volunteer page.

Our Partners



AN IMPORTANT, STRATEGIC PARTNER Founded in 1958, Läkarmissionen ( is a foundation based in Sweden that provides humanitarian programs in 16 countries in four continents. Läkarmissionen “aims to assist those people who have the greatest absolute needs and with the help of self-sufficiency programs to create conditions for lasting change for these people.” Alfalit International enjoys a close partnership with Läkarmissionen to provide literacy, basic education and other programs in several countries. Läkarmissionen is an important and critical partner and supporter of Alfalit. Its joint programs are delivered seamlessly and maximizes the strengths of each organization to reach and teach as many men, women and children as possible. For more information about this partnership, please email [email protected]

Inspiring Success Stories from Our Students

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