Alfalit Liberia Education for Children

Favor & Grace

Ms. Ela Flomo, mother of five, shares her appreciation for Alfalit International giving her little girls, Favor and Grace, the opportunity to receive a proper education.

Ms. Ela Flomo:

“I always prayed that my children do not end up illiterate like me, and today Alfalit L-GM is sponsoring two of my kids in school. I have 5 children and I’m a single mother. I wash people clothes in the neighborhood to survive, especially to feed my children.

Before Alfalit started supporting my twins in school -Grace and Favor Boakai, two of the other ones have not been going to school, because I don’t have the money to support them.

When I heard about Alfalit L-GM supporting poor children in schools, I decided to ask for help for the two younger ones (Favor and Grace) and as God could have it, they were accepted this academic year.

I am grateful to Alfalit that my two children will not end up illiterate like me. As far as the other three, a good community neighbor is helping me with them. Although I did not go to school, I know the importance of education because when my children get education, they will help me in the future and in my old age.”

Get Involved:

If you would like to learn how you can support families like Ela’s, please contact Executive Director, Catherine Penrod by email to [email protected].