Alfalit Peru

Meet Mrs. Vilma from Peru.

In 2017, Mrs. Vilma was unable to read or write. As an elected representative of her community, she started visiting local government offices to learn about and help her community in securing basic public services like water, electricity, and sewage. Each visit to the municipality was a challenge because she was unable to understand any of the literature she received.

During her search, she discovered the Alfalit learning center in the Ate District located two hours from her home in Huaycan. Despite the distance and being tired and overworked, Mrs. Vilma never missed a class.

She feels empowered to help her neighbors and wants to complete the third phase of the literacy program, equivalent to completing elementary school. She remains focused on advocating and seeking support for her disadvantaged community.

If you would like to learn how you can support individuals like Mrs. Vilma, please contact Executive Director Catherine Penrod by email to [email protected].